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"Metamorfosis is definitely one of this year’s best albums". - Tattoo


Part of the Latinx music movement called AlterLatino, emerging Venezuelan-born Ecuadorian-Chilean modern-folk and Art-Pop singer-songwriter Oriana Setz combines Latin American and world folklore with eclectic, wide-ranging, and soothing vocals, resulting in a gently commercial sound that aims at healing people and advocating for social progress. Her dramatic musical arrangements with glimpses of Jazz and Lo-Fi productions are mixed with poetic and visually rich lyrics that talk about politics, self-empowerment, and the values of a progressive generation.


Growing up influenced by different music styles ranging from R&B Pop and Alternative Rock to Latin American singer-songwriters, Oriana went on to study music with a full four-year scholarship at Berklee College of Music, where she graduated with honours in 2018. Her time spent living, studying, and performing in Boston and Spain, and later working in Los Angeles, New Zealand and finally the United Kingdom, has enriched her musical taste and life perspective. Some of these experiences informed her bilingual album Metamorfosis (2020), which describes the painful yet inevitable process of becoming a different version of oneself. Her music has been described as early Norah Jones and Fiona Apple. For fans of Birdy, Florence and the Machine, AURORA, and AlterLatinxs singer-songwriters such as Natalia Lafourcade, Jorge Drexler, and Shakira in her beginnings.


A recipient of the Global Talent Visa by the Arts Council of England (2023), and the Mediterranean Music Institute Achievement Award and Scholarship (2018), Oriana has participated in the Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland, 2023), co-organised the Festival Canción Sin Fronteras (Baja California, Mexico, 2019), and has also taken her music and philanthropist nature to various vulnerable communities in the countries she has lived in. A musician entrepreneur, Oriana is currently working on the production and recording of new music, as well as the production of her music videos.


“An exponent of the AlterLatino musical movement, her talent for lyrics and singing show a different side of what Latin American music could become.” (translation)

Fernanda Cortina, Forbes (Mexico), October 2, 2020,


“Her voice is evocative and passionate, her songs empowering and wise” Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros, NoHoArtsDistrict (USA), January 27, 2020,

“Oriana Setz combines her Ecuadorian singer-songwriter skillset with authenticity, healing, and illumination…” Amy Nicole, Acronym (USA), February 3, 2020,


“Out of all the releases I have heard so far this year, Oriana Setz’s Metamorfosis is without a doubt the most consistent and strongest so far” Punchland (USA), 2020,


“…one of the deluxe vocalists extant…” Randall Radic, Tattoo (USA), January 21, 2020,

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