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©2018 by Oriana Setz.

"Metamorfosis is definitely one of this year’s best albums."


Oriana Setz is an Ecuadorian singer-songwriter currently based in New Zealand. The young artist's genre blends Pop/Rock with Latin American Folk. Some of her influences are Florence & The Machine, Natalia Lafourcade and Jorge Drexler.

Her most recent Album "Metamorfosis" received stunning reviews by well-known music media. In their own words:

"With Metamorfosis, Oriana Setz establishes herself as one of the deluxe vocalists extant, while simultaneously revealing her songwriting gift. Metamorfosis is definitely one of this year’s best albums."
- by Tattoo.com

"The degree of sonic sophistication evidenced on the album  proves that whether singing in English or Spanish, Setz leaves a lasting impression on Metamorfosis."

- by Breaking and Entering


aditional to her presence in international media, Oriana Setz received an award under the categories of "Best Song Latin" and "Best Song Cover/Pop" from to The Akademia Music Awards (Los Angeles, CA).  In addition to these achievements, the Ecuadorian artist gained a full scholarship to study vocal performance and songwriting at Berklee College of Music, Boston MA. as well as a scholarship award from the Mediterranean Music Institute at Berklee in 2018, the same year in which she graduated Magna Cum Laude.


Through her versatile voice and dynamic compositions, Setz touches in relevant topics about the human condition like self-empowerment & reflection and social activism in a society of need. She describes her main purpose as an artist to be: "honest first with myself and then with my audience. I believe that there is nothing more healing than to listen to authentic music. To be able to write it, you need to know yourself and accept both your abilities and limitations, too. Music has healed me many times in the past so I feel an indescribable satisfaction for every time my music has fulfilled its purpose and illuminated someone else’s life. It is very easy to try to impress others to receive their approval, but I honestly believe you're the happiest when you decide to be real and to embrace the fact that you don’t need to try to fit in a place you clearly don’t.”